Uniform Requirements

It is compulsory to wear a Navy hat (no caps) during summer and a beanie over winter if required. 

Hikutaia School Uniform – Summer & Winter

(Paeroa Upholstery Ltd - 29 Willoughby  Street, Paeroa) - phone 07 862 7557
Hikutaia School colours are Navy and Burgundy hence the colour of our school uniform which was introduced in 2003/2004. The uniform is worn by both boys and girls and during summer and winter. During the summer, swimming togs for girls is full piece and boys in proper togs.
Items can be purchased from Paeroa Embroidery and prices are subject to change, but those stated below are priced as at 1st April 2019.
  • Girls Navy Skorts - $35.00
  • Navy Shorts - $31.00 - $33.00 
  • Burgundy short sleeve polo shirt - $30.00
  • Burgundy polar fleece top $38.00
  • Sports Shirt - $28.00 (not compulsory but is used during sporting or other school events)
  • School Jacket - $65.00